Back issues 1989-90


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[no. of pages (size); price; home match and date of first sale]

Selected highlights from that issue, etc.


001 - Dec 89/Jan 90; 'God or What?' (Colin Cowperthwaite)
[16 pages (A4); 50p; Darlington 1.1.90]

Cowps: God or What?, The Hard Man, Nostalgic Ramblings, Remembering Mick Taylor, Away Trip to Bangor, Player Profile - Paul Ferris, etc.

002 - Mar 90; 'Two Sugars Please' (Brian Clough/Margaret Thatcher)
[16 pages (A4); 50p; Fisher Athletic 10.3.90]

Deck of Cards, Remembering David Hughes, Portrait of a Leg End, Marco Deal Off!, Player Profile - Jimmy Capstick, etc.

003 - May 90; 'Bye Bye' (Kenny Gordon/Enfield FC)
[16 pages (A4); 50p; Enfield 5.5.90]

Vengeance is Sweet, Blown Dynamos, Open Letter to Nigel Kennedy, Great Open Goal Misses of All Time, Another Side of Cumbrian Football, Away Trip to Caernarfon, Radio Ass Kiss, Letter from Enfield, Cowps Mask, No Mild in Oz Ken, etc.