Back issues 1990-91


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Selected highlights from that issue, etc.


004 - Sep 90; 'Beans All Over Wembley!' (Kenny Gordon)
[20 pages (A4); 50p; Cheltenham Town 25.8.90]

There Goes the Summer, The Practically Impossible One, No Nazis on the Terraces, Streets of London, Gill in the Dock, A Season's Preview, etc.

005 - Dec 90/Jan 91; 'Agadoo' (Chilts/Capper)
[20 pages (A4); 50p; Northwich Victoria 15.12.90]

Away Trip to Rossendale, Reader's Poll Results, How to Become a Referee, Beans! Satellite Broadcasting, GMVC Gourmet Guide, first appearance of Blackmail Corner, etc.

006 - Mar/Apr 91; 'Four Legged Football Alien' (Billy Gilmour)
[20 pages (A4); 50p; Wycombe Wanderers 23.3.91]

Lowe Down, Reserve Judgement, Beans! FC Pen Pics, Relections (sic) of a Convert, RoboCowp, Slough v. Barrow pics, etc.