Back issues 1991-92


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Selected highlights from that issue, etc.


007 - Aug 91; 'Extraordinary GMVC Meeting' (Saddam Hussein)
[20 pages (A4); 50p; Colchester United 24.8.91]

Laurel and Hardy, Famous for 90 Minutes, The Two Colins, Summertime Blues, Trivial Pursuit, Alternative Awards, Holker End Songsheet, A Doctor Writes, etc.

008 - Nov 91; 'Backpass Ban Consternation' (Skiv/Chilts)
[20 pages (A4); 50p; Boston United 2.11.91]

Barrow's Strangest Matches, first appearances of Sophist's Choice, Referee McFuddle, The Column With No Name and Barry Cresswell, etc.

009 - Dec 91; 'If it's Xmas it Must be a Pantomime!' (Les Dawson)
[20 pages (A4); 50p; Gateshead 1.1.92]

Away Trip to Sutton, Who is Harry Holker...?, Letter from Peter Withe, Non-League Football Management Exam Paper, Writing on the Wall, etc.

010 - Feb 92; 'Popular Side Roof' (Prince Charles)
[20 pages (A4); 50p; Slough Town 7.3.92]

Ten Words You'll Never See in G'EB!, Blowing Our Own Trumpets, A View of the 21st Century, What Sup With You?, Face in the Crowd, Where Are They Now?, etc.

011 - Apr 92; 'RELEGATION!' (Collectable Away Strip Edition)
[20 pages (A4); 50p; Yeovil 25.4.92]

Away Trip to Whitby, Kev and Me, Poetry Corner, Portrait of a Groundhopper, Oh Colchester, Blasphemy!, etc.