Back issues 1992-93


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[no. of pages (size); price; home match and date of first sale]

Selected highlights from that issue, etc.


012 - Sep 92; 'Heathcote's Fresh Start' (Graham Heathcote)
[40 pages (A5); 50p; Mossley 29.8.92]

McFuddle's Diary, Complete Barrow AFC non-League Record, five pages of Readers' Letters, Wags Guide to the HFS, Beans! Review, etc.

014 - Nov 92; 'Beans! New Size Confusion?' (Cartoon Seller)
[32 pages (A5); 50p; Southport (FAC4Q) 24.10.92]

Away Trip to Morecambe, Michael's Big Hard One, Barrow AFC Spellcheck XI, Star Trek 11, Men of the Match, These are the Jokes Folks!, etc.

015 - Mar 93; 'Exclusive from the Edge of the World' (Ken Gordon)
[36 pages (A5); 50p; Colwyn Bay 6.2.93]

Kenny Gordon Interview, Lovely Head on a Gordon, McFuddle's Guide to on-Field Jargon, Beans! Begging Letter!, Non-League Fanzine Classic, etc.

016 - Apr/May 93; 'Spring Squad Shortage' (Old Lady on Beach)
[36 pages (A5) with free BAFCNSC Newsletter; 50p; Morecambe 12.4.93.]

Away Trip to Kettering, Into the Valley, John Woods Interview, Decline & Fall of Graham Heathcote, Old Michael's Almanack, etc.