Back issues 1993-94


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Selected highlights from that issue, etc.


017 - Aug 93; 'Boardroom Deadlock' (Cartoon Barker/Whiteside)
[44 pages (A5); 50p; Emley 28.8.93]

Planet Barrow, Prisoner McFuddle, Away Trip to Frickley, Blown About by the Goolies, We Don't Need Another EO, Readers Poll 2 Results, first Dr. Debbie, HFS Guide to the NPL, etc.

018 - Dec 93; 'Who is This Man Calling a Bag o'$#¡*£?' (Paul Calf)
[32 pages (A5); 60p; Whitley Bay 1.1.94]

Claire Sucks, Missed Again, A Dream of Hereford, Rumours, Harry Hindpool Spacefillers, Picture Quiz, A Day in Diagoras, Beans! TV Review, etc.

019 - Apr/May 94; 'Going Places...!?' (Team Coach)
[32 pages (A5); 60p; Hyde United 2.4.94]

Ode to Doc, Away Trip to Boston, Celebrity Supporters, Beans! Satellite Broadcasting II & GMTV Application Form, England Expects, The Choice, Kookery Korner, etc.