Back issues 1994-95


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Selected highlights from that issue, etc.


020 - Aug 94; 'New Soccer Hotline' (Winston Churchill)
[40 pages (A5); 60p; Buxton 27.8.94]

Tony Hesketh Interview, George Best - the True Story, True Stories from the Adolescence of the Columnist With No Name, Hampster's Hot Gossip, Down Memory Lane, Who's Mr. Penalty?, etc.

021 - Jan 95; 'Still Crazy...' (Fifth Anniversary Edition)
[40 pages (A5); 60p; Bishop Auckland 14.1.95]

Colin Cowperthwaite Interview, Legend of Cowperthwaite's Mum, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The Singing Referee, So Haunt Me, The Road to Chorley, So That's Where They Get Their Jokes, etc.
also includes free bonus edition:
'Lucky Thirteen' (28 A5 pages of) 'digitally remastered out-takes'
AFC Worrab and the Missing Millions, Farmer James, Killing Fields, Why Everything Else is Better Than Football, World Cup Diary 1994, etc.

022 - April/May 95; 'No More Excuses' (Tony Hesketh)
[40 pages (A5); 60p; Boston United 6.5.95]

Kevin Proctor Interview, Invasion of the Walney Gnomes, The Long and Winding Road, Barrow AFC Best and Worst 1990-95, The Tragedy of Alan MacShearer, Hotline Transcripts, etc.