Michael Gibson

  • Birthplace
    My mother's womb.

  • Physical appearance
    Looks a bit like Paul Ferris in issue 001 of G'EB!'s Player Profile (more like Pam Ferris in 'Darling Buds of May'. Ed.).

  • Earliest childhood memory
    The doctor snipping my umbilical cord.

  • Earliest memory of Barrow AFC
    Letting in seven goals against Enfield.

  • Best memory of Barrow AFC
    Kenny Lowe's goal against Colne Dynamoes in the second leg of the 1990 FA Trophy semi-final.

  • Worst memory of Barrow AFC
    John Brady's famous 99th minute penalty miss against Yeovil in 1992.

  • Favourite players, past and present
    Colin Cowperthwaite, Ken Gordon, Dave Higgins.

  • Favourite manager
    Ray Wilkie.

  • Worst player
    John Armfield.

  • Worst manager
    Graham Heathcote.

  • Favourite television programme

  • Favourite Tellytubby

  • Favourite food

  • Favourite Spice Girl

  • Favourite record
    Cowps' fastest goal in history (3.55 seconds).

  • Favourite colour
    Blue and white (or whatever colours Barrow are playing in).

  • Favourite building
    The Ray Wilkie stand.

  • How many of Barrow's games do you see in a season?
    The most so far in one season is 44 (1993-94).

  • Why do you support Barrow AFC?
    Because they're the best. I mean, it would look a bit silly if I supported Holker Old Boys wouldn't it!?

  • Do you support any other football team?
    C'mon now, be serious.

  • Oh c'mon, there must be one team you support apart from Barrow?
    Alright then, here goes: Barrow Reserves, Barrow 'A', Barrow U-18, Barrow U-16, Barrow U-14, Barrow U-12, Barrow U-11.

  • Okay, but who would you support if Barrow AFC ceased to exist?
    Presumably I'd support the new Barrow side which would begin in the North West Counties League Division Two.

  • When did you start contributing to G'EB!?
    Issue 007 (September 1991).

  • What is the worst thing about being a G'EB! contributor?
    A domineering mad Welshman who is always pestering me to write more articles.

  • What has been your most horrendous journey to a Barrow match?
    Colwyn Bay, January 1996

  • What are your predictions for the future?
    Barrow to beat Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Third Round of the FA Cup in December 2000, and become FA Premiership Champions and FA Cup winners by 2005, and European Cup winners by 2006.

  • How many questions have you answered seriously?
    Um, about three or four.
Issue 037 - November 1998