Back issues 1998-99


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Selected highlights from that issue, etc.


036 - Sep 98; 'Boldly Going Where No Barrow Fan...' (USS Enterprise)
[40 pages (A5); 80p; Stevenage Borough 15.8.98]
Guide to Morecambe, A Dog's Life, Domesday: the History of Mankind, Crystal Balls, The Ed Meets Owen Brown, etc.

037 - Nov 98; 'Shearer Shocker' (Alien Shearer)
[40 pages (A5); 80p; Dover Athletic 7.11.98]
Billy Kenny Interview, Away Trip to Dover, Guide to Dover, How to Spend £500k to be Bottom of the Conference, The Worksop Encounter, A Day with Holker Old Boys, etc.

038 - Jan 99; 'Kidd in Cinderella Move...' (Cartoon News Vendor)
[40 pages (A5); 80p; Northwich Victoria 28.12.98]
Stephen Vaughan: Hero or Villain?, A Day with Radio Cumbria, Guide to Southport, Rev Wrightwally's Christmas, The Story of Yu and Hu, When Saturday Came for G'EB!, Too Much Yellow and Red?, etc.

039 - Mar 99; 'Genetically Modified Beans' (GM Beans Report)
[32 pages (A5); 50p; Cheltenham Town 24.4.99]
Is Football Better than Sex?, Sid Arkwright, Guide to Cheltenham, Owen Brown's Hundred Games, Football Club Hit by Genetically Modified Beans, etc.

040 - May 99; 'SURVIVAL!' (Barrow v Farnborough Town)
[32 pages (A5); 50p; Woking 24.4.99]
Brian Keen Interview, How Did They Manage Update, Laura Goes to a Football Match, Route One: the Only Way to Play?, Uncle Richard Remembers, etc.