Back issues 1999-2000


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Selected highlights from that issue, etc.


041 - Oct 99; 'A Game of Two Halves' (Cartoon Captains)
[28 pages (A5); 50p; Worksop Town 2.10.99]
Interviews with John Moules and Duncan Bayley, A Sticky Business at Altrincham, Barrow AFC: the Story of Summer 1999, Glued to the WorldWide Web, Letter from David Davies, etc.

042 - Nov 99; 'Do you think balls grow on trees?' (Cartoon Devils)
[28 pages (A5); 50p; Southport 27.11.99]
Spice Angels and Devils, Into the Magpie's Den, The Fateful Day, A Lucky Escape, Uncle Richard Remembers, etc.

043 - Jan 00; 'Beanniversary' (Millennium Full Colour Collector's Edition)
[48 pages (A5); 80p; Marine 29.1.00]
Eddie Johnston Interview, History of Give 'Em Beans!, Guide to Marine, Stephen Vaughan One2One, The Last Streaker of the Millennium, Beckham Bashers, etc.

044 - Mar 00; 'Gotta Catch 'Em All!' (Pokemon)
[40 pages (A5); 80p; Whitby Town 25.3.00]
Best Ever Barrow Manager?, Legendary Missing Sophist's Choice, A Wasted Journey, Never Come Back!, Rules Apart, etc.

045 - May 00; Stuck in the UniBond With You (Twelfth!)
[40 pages (A5); 80p; Gateshead 1.5.00]
Show Racism the Red Card, Southern Media Scumbag ß@$*@® Watch, The Matrix, Alternative Reality League Supplement, Hillsborough - Lest We Forget, etc.