Graham Murphy

  • Other names

  • Birthplace
    Cottage Hospital, Ulverston.

  • Physical appearance
    Not bad after dark.

  • Earliest childhood memory
    Looking out from my bedroom window of our house at the top of Norfolk St to see Holker St football ground in the distance, sandwiched between Ormsgill Reservoir and the slagbank.

  • Earliest memory of Barrow AFC
    Ron Staniforth's teams of the early 1960's with Dixie Hale, Keith Eddy and Jackie Madison. The club were fighting a financial crisis at the time. What's new?

  • Best memory of Barrow AFC
    Being at Wembley in May 1990 to see them win the FA Trophy.

  • Worst memory of Barrow AFC
    The first half of the 1970's. After promotion to Division Three in 1967 the decline was so sudden and swift that I could hardly believe it was happening. Losing our Football League status in 1972 was followed by four seasons which were a struggle for survival at the wrong end of the Northern Premier League.

  • Favourite players, past and present
    Colin Cowperthwaite, Jimmy Mulholland, Tony Field, Roy McCarthy, Danny Wheatley.

  • Favourite manager
    Ray Wilkie.

  • Worst player
    Graham Gill.

  • Worst manager
    Norman Bodell.

  • Favourite Tellytubby

  • Favourite Spice Girl
    Geri ex-Spice Halliwell.

  • Favourite record
    Barrow being unbeaten for twenty games (some hope).

  • Favourite television programme
    FA Trophy Final 1990 video.

  • Favourite colour
    Blue and white.

  • Favourite food
    Chocolate cake.

  • Favourite building
    The new grandstand at Holker St.

  • What do you like most about women?
    The fact that they do the cooking and cleaning.

  • What do women find most unappealing about you?
    My chat up technique.

  • How many of Barrow's games do you see in a season?
    In the UniBond, about thirty, mostly away. In the Conference, less than half of that.

  • Why do you support Barrow AFC?
    It's my home town.

  • When did you start contributing to G'EB!?
    Star Trek 11 in issue 013.

  • What is the worst thing about being a G'EB! contributor?
    Thinking of something that's witty, intelligent, erudite and funny.

  • What has been your most horrendous journey to a Barrow match?
    Going all the way to Horwich in January 1994 for a game that had been postponed. It's not the journey, it's the way you feel like a prat when you get there and realise you're the only person in the world who didn't know.

  • What are your predictions for the future?
    Barrow AFC to survive in some way, shape or form.
Issue 039 - April 1999