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Erm, well... we say 'almost everything' since there is absolutely nothing in these pages on the subjects of gardening, vegetarian cookery, plants and vegetables of the leguminous and flatulent kind, or even little pieces of computer code written in the Java language, which is what you may have expected from a site called Give 'Em Beans! So, to all of you who may have landed here expecting a rake of invigorating material on any of those subjects, we offer our most sincere apologies. We also apologise to collectors of those little flat pieces of toner that sometimes get stuck to the pages of our regular edition during photocopying; there's nothing for you here, boys - try the parish newsletter! We hope none of you arrived here under false pretences, and should you decide to delve no deeper into our pages, then we'll bid you leave with the immortal words "Goodnight Austin, Texas; wherever you are!"


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