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10 distinctions between Barrow & Workington (submitted by ANON)

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

1. Barrow wear Blue & White – Workington wear red to match their embarrassment.

2. Workington is in Cumbria – Barrow is really in Lancashire (look at our postcode for Cowps sake)

3. Barrow is a footballing town – our great sons are England Internationals, Emlyn Hughes and Gary Stevens. Workington is a rugby town as their only notable is Mark Cueto an England rugby player (there is Scott Dobie I suppose but he’s not good enough to play for England so decided to become a ‘sweaty sock’ anyway)

4. Workington lost their place in the football league to Wimbledon. We never actually lost ours – we were cheated out of it and it was given to Hereford (who are really Welsh so should be playing in that rubbish league with Total Networks Southampton and CPD Ruth Maddock).

5. Workington are nicknamed The Reds – how long did it take to come up with that one? Barrow are the Bluebirds – yes it relates to our colours too but at least we’ve added a bit on the end to make it interesting.

6. Barrow rhymes with cool words like Arrow, Sparrow & Mia Farrow – Workington doesn’t rhyme with anything.

7. I love Barrow – I hate Workington.

8. But not as much as I hate Hereford.

9. And Stephen Vaughan for that matter.

10. I hate Workington – oh, I’ve said that … never mind, it deserves to be repeated.


Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Lost, in the Warwick Road area of Carlisle: A substantial lead. Potential sightings in and around the Nottingham region. Reward: family membership to the Eddie Stobart fanclub. Contact CUFC, Brunton Park, Carlisle.