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FCUM - how to lose friends and alienate people

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

FC United fans have been asked by the club to boycott the upcoming Curzon Ashton away game because the game will be shown live on online TV, and thus the kick-off time has been switched to early afternoon.

The reason? It’s one of the club’s founding principles that games should not be switched for TV.

The effect? Curzon lose the gate money for their biggest game of the season.

If the club feel that strongly, they should not send a team and give the other team the three points - they won’t be doing that though, as the Tameside team are top of the league (FC are fifth) and looking to pull away from the chasing UniBond pack.

Not every team in this league can count on thousands of supporters and money from this TV deal is likely to be a major source of income for a lot of clubs. If FCUM start to thow their weight around in the lower divisions, they’ll soon lose any goodwill they have built up since their inception. And how did the club’s “founding fathers” expect the various leagues and associations to fit FCUM’s “bill of rights” into the day to day running of league competitions?

Perhaps it would be a better to have a clause in their constitution which prevents the club from acting like it owns non-league football. By acting like the big fish, they are mirroring the behaviour of the “great satan” MUFC which they are meant to be railing against. The only question: is this football irony? Or just football reality?